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28 Februay 2001

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  ʹءԴ Ҩҡ Snook + Kid snook 㹷¶֧ "١ʹ" snooker
繡ҪԴ˹ Сͺ١ʹꡡ ҡ Ф kid ¶֧

  ͹Ӥͧѹ ֧º繤੾Тͧ "ʹءԴ" ͹Ѻ١ʹꡫҡ ¶֧ٹͧᵡҧҡ ¶֧ طʴ 繨ش鹢ͧԴҧä ШԹҡ÷ش ͹Ѻ١ʹ.. ع ºѺԴ ШԹҡâͧش蹡ѹ ͻѺ繤 ǡѹ "ʹءԴ" СäԴʹء ҧäԹҡ÷ҡ

  ¡ʹءԴ ǤԴͧҧä ŻǷҧ ҡʹ š¹ʺó Ҹ..Դҡ÷ӧҹѹ Դ繾ѧѤ ԴԹѺҡ÷ӧҹ ҹѹ˹ѹ آҾԵ آҾç 繾ѧ... Դҧ!

¢ͧ ʹءԴ
 š¹Դ лʺóͧء
 觤سز ز Ͱҹ
 ѡس ôҧѲ
 ֡ Ф㹪Ե

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