Since: Wednesday
28 Februay 2001

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  Snookkid comes from the words, Snook + kid. The word " snook " means snooker ball or snooker which is a kind of game playing with different coloured of snooker balls, and the word " kid " means children.

  In combining the two words it gives the proper meaning of the collective word " snookkid " that is comprising of various colours of snooker balls which represents the focal center of the diversity of the differences. And children refers to " purity ", which can initiate nonstop creative thinking just like the feature of the round shape which keeps rolling about, similar to that of thinking and imagination. Putting it in Thai word, the meaning is the same as " snookkid " equals to thinking that is fun; that surely creates diverse imagination.

  Snookkid group has got the conceptual idea on creating the new trend of arts. The information base of this design comes from several sources as conversation, experience exchange, and kinds of meditation. That was the result of the working group. It creates the power of unity/solidarity, working enjoyment, being a unique as one. The final solution would be a healthy mind, good health and incredible success.

Goals of snookkid
 Encourage innovation.
 Be the center of creative thinking.
 Exchange ideas and experiences of all the people in every age group.
 Welcome participants from all classes and status.
 Promote the recognition of the Thai cultural value.
 Training self-confidence and living reliability.
 Provide some of the income for the public charit.
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