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   Aunty "Ja" has been the common name often used among children for more than 10 years, while Aunty Ja had put a lot of effort into creating for children and young people through the We-Train Junior Camp Aunty Ja was the director, launching through the Promotion of the Woman Status Association, under the patronage of H R H Princess Somsaowali Praworajathinatdamatu. Aunty Ja had initiated the camp in 1989, there have all been kinds of activities organized for instant Arts, music, and sports. All activities 'objectives are to help and develop the youth to grow up in a proper way and be a good adult which would, as believed, help reduce social problems.

   It is a great opportunity of today that you, the children, can consult Aunty Ja from website Snookkid. Please do not hesitate, if you are ready. Just fill the information out here! Aunty Ja appreciate the opportunity to have discussions with you on every aspect.
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