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 Waskorn Pinyosinwat (Aunty Ja)
Birth : 1948 Bangkok.

Address : 375/190 Belle Park Residence 1, Sathupradit Rd., Chongnonsee, Yannava, Bangkok 10120, Thailand.
House phone : +66 (0) 2 129 1267
: +66 (0) 8 6996 9917

Email :

Education :
  North Oxfordshire Technical College and School of Art (Banbury)
  St. Martin School of Art (London) Great Britain.
  Media and ornament design.
  Art Instructor at the Institute of Pieter Brueghel, Netherland.
  Art exhibition participation since 1986 in national and international level

Art career repute / fame
  H R H Princess Kalayaniwatana Khomaluang Narathivasrajnakarin had bought a piece arts work using string print entitled "Sa Ngop Jit" or "Meditation".
In the international woman art performance, session 1 in 1986, there were some art performances that had been selected by the Woman Status Promotion Committee to submit to the distinquished person, as follows:
  H R H Princess Kalayaniwatana Khomaluang Narathivasrajnakarin in 1986.
  H R H Princess Somsaowali Praworarajathinatdamatu in 1998.
  The former President of USA Mr. Jimmy Carter in 1987.
  Wife of the former President of France Mr. Francoise Mittoraung in 1989.
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