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Art exhibition In Conjunction to Art by     Wasakorn Pinyosinwat     Bancha Suriyaburaphakul     Jitdrathanee (Thanee Chinchusak)

 Venue October 4-13 , 2001 The Imperial Queen Park Hotel, Bangkok.
 Any income earned would be donated to the construction project of Her Royal Highness Princess Grand Mother's 100 year library Mahapajabati Theri College (the Buddhist Nun College) under the patronage of H.H. the Supreme Patriarch, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand.  On October 3rd, 2001 H R H Princess Kalayaniwatana Khomaluang Songklanakarin was the host in the opening ceremony of the Art Exhibition in Conjunction to Art organized by Waskorn Pinyosinwat, Bancha Suriyaburaphakul, Jitdrathanee (Thanee Chinchusak) and the distinguish Artists as Mr.Sompoch & Mrs.Lawan Upa-intra, Mr.Prathueng & Mrs.Bunying Emcharaen, Mr.Chalermchai Khositpipat, Mr.Bunchai Pisarnwongdee, Mr.Samarn Klangjaturas, Miss Chachada Kroekaew.

 On this occasion, H R H Princess Kalayaniwatana Khomaluang Songklanakarin had kindly donated funds totalling 1 million baht to support the construction of H R H Princess Grand Mother's 100 year building. Moreover, the princess had painted a picture with Chinese brush for raising funds and Khunying Alisara Snidvongs won the auction, totalling 100,000 baht. Apart from that Khunying Wanna Siriwatanapakdi had also donated fund totalling 1 million baht while there were some donations from other donors and selling art works at about 900,000 baht. The nun, Khunying Kanittha Wicheancharoen being the chairwoman of Nun college foundation project, had presented the report and the committee's participants waited for greetings and a welcoming for the H R H Princess.

 The exhibition had donations totalling 2.9 million baht.
 In this regard, the committee who organized the exhibition, the Artists and the working group as well as the graduate students from Mahapajabati Theri College, greatly appreciated H R H The Princess' kindness.
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